Join us as we dive into the numbers and unveil the latest stats from Analyst Dan’s quarterly review. At FXC Academy, we take pride in our chart analysis service, and our track record speaks volumes about the accuracy and profitability of our insights. Let’s explore the highlights from our quarterly review and see how we continue to empower traders with top-notch analysis and actionable strategies!


Q1 Overview: Impressive Win Rate

In the first quarter of the year, our chart analysis service boasted an impressive overall win rate of 87.1%. Across the three months, February and March maintained a solid 80% win rate each, while January started strong with an 83% win rate. All trades were shared in our silver membership.


Win Rate: Consistency is Key

With a win rate of 82% in Q1, our team demonstrated consistent and reliable trade execution. Despite market fluctuations, we maintained a high level of performance, ensuring that our analysis translated into actionable trades for our clients. Successful Analysis was even higher for 87% in Q1. This includes trades that missed our trader’s specific entry but would have won regardless.


January: Slow Start

In January, a total of 9 trades were initiated, of which 6 were successfully executed. Among these executed trades, 5 resulted in wins, 1 incurred a loss, and 1 concluded at breakeven. This demonstrates an execution rate of 86%, showcasing our commitment to precise and effective trade implementation.


February Momentum: Adaptability in Action

February saw an increase in momentum with 22 trades executed. While there were 9 misses, our adaptability to market conditions remained strong, with 8 wins and 2 losses. This flexibility allowed us to navigate market volatility and capitalize on profitable opportunities.


March Performance: Increase in Volume

In March, we analyzed a total of 14 trades. with 8 executed successfully, 2 losses and 2 breakeven trades


 Best Performing Pairs

 Our best performing pair was GBPCAD, boasting a 100% win rate, followed closely by GN with 83%. Other notable pairs included AUDJPY, USDCAD, and Oil, each with an 80% win rate.


Key Confluences: Insights for Success

Throughout the quarter, our analysis identified key confluences that contributed to our success. The combination of IKL with profit-taking strategies and Fibonacci levels such as 61 or 50 proved to be particularly effective in maximizing profits and minimizing losses.



 Empowering Traders with Actionable Insights

As we reflect on our quarterly performance, it’s clear that our chart analysis service continues to deliver exceptional results for our clients. With a focus on accuracy, consistency, and adaptability, Analyst Dan and our team empower traders with actionable insights that drive profitability and success in the forex markets. Join us at FXC Academy and experience the difference firsthand!