Welcome to the FXC Academy trading floor, where we delve into the intricacies of trading psychology and tackle execution issues head-on. Join us behind the scenes as we navigate through the challenges and empower traders to conquer their psychological hurdles.


Identifying Execution Issues

On the trading floor, our team has identified a recurring issue among new traders concerning execution. In Tier 2 of our proprietary trading journal, we meticulously track execution rates to understand why trades are not being executed. Is there a logical reason behind it, or is it driven by emotional factors such as fear?


Developing a Strategic Approach

In Tier 2, we focus on developing a trading plan that implements strict rules to mitigate emotional impacts on our trading decisions. By setting clear guidelines and parameters, traders can execute their trades with confidence and discipline. This structured approach helps reduce hesitation and second-guessing, leading to more consistent and profitable trading outcomes.


Monthly Assessments and Coaching

We reassess execution rates during our monthly one-on-one coaching sessions to monitor progress and provide personalized guidance. By analyzing execution data and discussing trading experiences, we empower our traders to make informed decisions and trust their analysis. Through continuous support and feedback, traders gain the confidence to execute their trades with conviction.


Empowering Traders for Success

At FXC Academy, we empower our traders to execute with confidence by instilling trust in their analysis and trading abilities. By prioritizing execution and adhering to strategic guidelines, traders can increase their win rate and achieve greater consistency in their trading results. Ultimately, mastering trading psychology is key to overcoming execution issues and thriving in the competitive world of trading.