Join us as we take a peek into the dynamic world of Sebastien, our head trader and founders, as he navigates the bustling trading floor at FXC Academy. From chart breakdowns to in-depth discussions, economic analysis to weekly exercises, Sebastien’s expertise and passion for trading shine through in every aspect of his work.


Monday: Chart Breakdowns and Economic Analysis

Every Monday, Sebastien kicks off the week with his signature chart breakdowns. He guides traders through potential zones and trading opportunities by charting up his pairs. But Sebastien’s role doesn’t stop there. He fosters an environment of collaboration by encouraging traders to share their own charts and engage in insightful discussions as well as answer any questions.

Following the chart breakdowns, Sebastien dives into the economic calendar, exploring how fundamental factors intersect with technical analysis. By dissecting key economic events and their impact on the market, Sebastien equips traders with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.


Always Available for Questions and Chats

Beyond his scheduled activities, Sebastien is always available to answer questions, look at charts, and engage in meaningful conversations with fellow traders. Whether you’re seeking trading advice or simply want to chat about business or cars, Sebastien’s door is always open. His friendly demeanor and wealth of knowledge make him a valuable resource for traders of all levels.


Thursday: Weekly Exercise and Knowledge Sharing

As the week progresses, Sebastien shifts gears to focus on a different aspect of trading: The basics besides a chart breakdown. He leads a weekly exercise session tailored to the preferences and interests of the trading community. Sebastien also takes this opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge on various trading topics. From risk management to trade psychology, Sebastien’s weekly sessions are packed with valuable insights and practical tips to help traders succeed in the competitive world of trading.



Sebastien’s role on the trading floor extends far beyond chart analysis and economic reviews. As a trusted mentor, advisor, and friend, he plays a vital role in fostering a collaborative and supportive trading community at FXC Academy. From chart breakdowns to having lunch together, Sebastien’s dedication to helping traders succeed shines through in every aspect of his work.