In the world of trading, the decision of whether to focus on one forex market exclusively or to explore opportunities in the broader global market is a critical one. It’s a topic that sparks debates among traders, each with their own strategies and perspectives. Let’s delve into the insights shared by different members of the trading community and industry experts to shed light on this intriguing dilemma.


Insights from the Trading Community:

We recently conducted a poll within our FXC Academy trading community to gauge opinions on this matter. The results were intriguing: 35% of respondents advocated for focusing solely on the global market, while another 35% preferred to concentrate on one forex market. Interestingly, 28% emphasized that their choice depended on prevailing opportunities, showcasing a flexible approach to trading. Finally, 1% of participants had alternative viewpoints that warrant exploration.


CEO Sebastien Dubois’ Perspective:

Sebastien Dubois, a seasoned CEO in the trading realm, offers valuable insights into this debate. He articulates, “Understanding that every market experiences fluctuations and downtime, trading in the global market allows for diversification and the ability to capitalize on varying market conditions.” Dubois emphasizes the interconnected nature of stocks and currencies within the global market, advocating for a comprehensive approach to trading. He believes that by engaging in both sectors, traders can effectively mitigate risks and maximize profit potential.


Analyst and Educator Dan’s Expertise

Dan, a professional technical analyst and trader at FXC Academy, shares his expertise on trading across the global market. He asserts, “As a professional technical analyst and trader at FXC Academy, my focus is on the global market.” Dan elaborates on his trading strategy, which involves navigating various pairs, including Oil, EUR, USD, JPY, and GBP, on a weekly basis. He emphasizes the efficacy of the “50 cal strategy” which enables effective interpretation of market movements across different pairs. Dan’s approach underscores the universality of trading strategies, highlighting their applicability across diverse market environments.


Insights from Trader and Mentor Michelle



In the dynamic world of trading, the decision to focus on the forex market exclusively or to trade globally is influenced by various factors, including individual preferences, market conditions, and trading strategies. While some advocate for the diversification benefits offered by the global market, others prefer to specialize in specific markets. Ultimately, the choice boils down to each trader’s unique objectives and risk tolerance levels. By leveraging insights from industry experts and the trading community, traders can make informed decisions that align with their goals, ultimately enhancing their trading success.