At FXC Academy, we understand that every trader is unique, with distinct trading goals and learning preferences. That’s why we offer tailored membership options designed to meet your individual needs and elevate your trading journey. Whether you’re just starting out or aiming to take your trading to the next level, our Silver and Gold Memberships provide essential resources and advanced analysis to support your growth. Let’s explore which membership option aligns best with your trading goals!


Gold Membership: Advanced Insights for Serious Traders

Our Gold Membership is the ultimate choice for traders who are serious about achieving success in the markets. With this membership, you gain access to a wealth of exclusive resources and advanced analysis that are designed to take your trading to new heights.


Chart Analysis 

Gain exclusive access to our analysts’ personal trade setups, insights, and expertise on gold and indicesl. Our analysts meticulously analyze Gold, Silver, and S&P500 charts, providing you with valuable insights into market trends and potential trading opportunities.


Trading Floor Access

 Enjoy access to our trading floor from Monday to Thursday, allowing you to immerse yourself in the trading environment and gain practical experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals.


Proprietary Journal 

Seamlessly collect your trading data and receive personalized coaching and support from our experts. Our proprietary journaling system enables you to craft a personalized trading plan and uncover a trading style that aligns with your goals and preferences.


Monthly Coaching

 Benefit from a monthly session with one of our experts to review your journal, discuss any issues you are encountering in your trading journey, and receive one-to-one coaching and support.


Silver Membership: Essential Resources for Aspiring Traders

If you’re just starting out or looking for essential resources to support your trading journey, our Silver Membership is the perfect option for you. This membership provides you with access to our comprehensive Chart Analysis Service, which grants you exclusive access to our analysts’ personal trade setups, insights, and expertise on Forex and Oil.


Chart Analysis

 Our dedicated analysts go above and beyond to provide you with their own charts, meticulously highlighting areas of interest and sharing personal management strategies, target spot prices, and invaluable market insights.


Real-Time Insights 

Stay connected and receive real-time insights through our convenient app, ensuring you never miss a beat and allowing you to react swiftly to market shifts and seize profitable opportunities.

Video Analysis Breakdowns:

Elevate your understanding of the market with our video analysis breakdowns led by our experienced analyst Mason. Dive deep into technical analysis, and trading strategies to enhance your trading proficiency and achieve remarkable results. Mason analyzes 27 pairs across the market and showcases how he applies the strategy consistently. 


Comprehensive Foreign Exchange Breakdowns

In addition to personal trade setups and video analysis breakdowns, our service includes comprehensive Foreign Exchange breakdowns through our ‘Confluence File’. This integrated spreadsheet for ‘Journaling and Planning’ streamlines the process of data gathering and extraction of essential insights needed to enhance your trading. Therefore, you can track the performance across 27 pairs.



Elevate Your Trading Journey with FXC Academy

No matter where you are at in your trading journey, FXC Academy has a membership option that fits your goals and preferences. Whether you choose our Silver or Gold Membership, you can rest assured that you will receive the resources, support, and analysis you need to succeed in the markets. Explore your options today and elevate your trading journey with us!