Are you ready to revolutionize your trading journey and unlock exclusive insights and expertise in the world of Forex and Oil trading? Look no further than our game-changing Gold Membership! Designed to elevate and develop  your individual trading style to new heights, this subscription offers a wealth of benefits and resources to help you maximize profits and achieve your financial goals.


Exclusive Access to Analysts’ Personal Trade Setups and Insights

With our Gold Membership, you gain access to our analysts’ personal trade setups, insights, and expertise. Stay ahead of the curve with expert analysis on fundamentals markets, ensuring you make informed trading decisions. This also includes fundamental outlooks before news events but also an analysis of current market drivers, risk-environment.


Precious Metals & Indices Analysis

Receive detailed charts and breakdowns of Gold, Silver, and S&P500 markets, providing you with invaluable insights into these key trading assets.This is available in a weekly video breakdown and Charts on Sundays, followed by updates throughout the week. Dive deep into the world of Forex trading with in-depth lessons, trade breakdowns, and fundamental insights curated by seasoned experts.


Trading Floor Access

Experience the thrill of trading firsthand with access to our trading floor from Monday to Thursday. Immerse yourself in the trading environment and gain practical experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals. The Trading floor includes weekly live  breakdowns, live trading, and a weekly exercise in which topics are chosen by the members depending on their needs and interests.


Proprietary Journaling System

Our proprietary journaling system allows you to seamlessly collect your trading data, enabling our experts to assist you in crafting a personalized trading plan. Discover a trading style that aligns with your goals and preferences, setting you on the path to success. For this purpose we have created a 3 tier system that allows you to develop and dive into more in depth analysis of your trading data. Our goal is to help you become an independent trader. This includes video breakdowns how the journal is used and chat support for any issues you may have.


Monthly One to One Coaching

Benefit from a monthly one to one session with one of our experts to review your journal, discuss any issues you are encountering in your trading journey, and receive personalized coaching and support to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your trading goals. In this 30 minute meeting we will go over a monthly  report based on your journal and review your charts and make recommendations on how to improve. Every session includes individual feedback in the report afterwards.


Direct Chat Support

Need real-time guidance? Our team of professional traders is just a message away, ready to assist you every step of the way. In our FXC M&I chat every question is welcome and can be discussed.


Take Your Trading Journey to New Heights

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